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Genie Group, Inc. announces a partnership with Radius Power

RP PowerWe are pleased to spread the word…

Genie Group, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Radius Power. Radius Power is an international leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom EMI/EMC/RFIFilters.

Their extensive line of products include: EMI Filters, Single Phase EMI Filters, Three Phase EMI Filters, IEC Inlet Filters, DC EMI Filters, Inverter EMI Filters, Medical Grade EMI Filters, Military EMI Filters, Tempest Filters, Telecom EMI Filters, and Custom EMI Filters.

Radius Power will address virtually any requirement for a custom power product with current ratings as high as 2500 amps. Their many years of experience in providing EMI/RFI solutions allow them to satisfy both global EMC regulations and time-to-market constraints. Radius Power’s engineering expertise and vertical integration reduces your speed-to-market and saves you and your company money.

In addition, Radius Power can combine their filters with other components (breakers, fuses, etc.) into one package to provide modular solutions, improving space and overall system integration.

This new warehouse program is being offered exclusively to Genie members and orders can be placed immediately. Ordering information can be found on the accompanied supplier data sheet. The price list can be found on our website at: Please send quotes, catalog requests and orders to Genie. For more information on Radius Power, please visit their website at:

We are excited about the new products…

Products:  EMI Filters, Single Phase EMI Filters, Three Phase EMI Filters, IEC Inlet Filters, DC EMI Filters, Inverter EMI Filters, Medical Grade EMI Filters, Military EMI Filters, Tempest Filters, Telecom EMI Filters, and Custom EMI Filters   Potential Markets/Applications: Every electrical or electronic device has connections that are a potential source for electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).
• Any electronic equipment
• Power supplies
• Invertors
• Medical devices
• Motor controls
• Telecom
• Food processing equipment
• Computers
• Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind)
• Transportation (rail & automotive)
• Industrial automation
• Military applications

ExTech’s New Product Preview

Download Extech’s new products preview PDF featuring over 13 NEW product families including power clamps, pressure datalogger, indoor air quality monitor, borescope inspection camera, thermometers and more!



New Product Intro: Phoenix Contact’s GHS

We’re pleased to introduce the GHS from Phoenix Contact

The GHS, a high-function Gigabit modular product is perfect as a backbone device for the industrial Ethernet network. The switch has up to 12 Gigabit ports on the head station, and supports important advanced functions such as SNMP v3, port trunking, layer 3 routing, and RADIUS authentication. For large-scale EtherNet/IP applications, the GHS supports up to 256 multicast groups.

The cordsets allow the water-tight interconnection of external electronic equipment or the internal wiring of electronic equipment or appliances. They are manufactured in the US and available for fast delivery.

Here are some of the features:

  • High temp (105°C) PVC cable
  • Yellow cable, black overmold
  • Sunlight-resistant
  • Power-Limited Tray Cable (PLTC) – allows the cable to be installed in raceways and cable trays, or outside a cable tray when appropriately supported – according to NEC Articles 725/727
  • AWM 2517 cable – manufactured using AWG wire, no cross reference of mm² is necessary
  • The cable jacket is dual rated, as well as UL Listed – which allows the cable to be installed on industrial machines within the guidelines of NFPA 79
  • M12 SPEEDCON – reduces assembly time up to 90 percent
  • Industry standard pigtail and extension cable lengths

PT Relays have a strong retention force

We wanted to share a great video from Phoenix Contact. They had the help of a furry friend named Aspen, a Pyrenees Mountain dog. Weighing in at 95 pounds, he was a good choice to help us demonstrate that our PT Relays have a strong retention force and offer a reliable long lasting wire connection…

Clean Concept: cabling for environments with demanding hygiene requirements

clean conceptOur partners at Phoenix Contact introduce a clean concept, reliable cabling designed for environments with demanding hygiene requirements…

Hygienic Design – a clean concept

The food processing industry makes the highest requirements on components and materials with respect to degree of protection, resistance to corrosion and hygiene. Phoenix Contact offers a complete solution for application in this area.

The special hygienic designs makes the plug-in connectors particularly easy to clean. Stainless steel guarantees comprehensive protection against corrosion and thanks to the bright coating, dirt is easy to detect.

The requirements on plug-in connectors vary according to the application area – Phoenix Contact offers the right solution for every application:

Product contact zone

Covers all areas where food is processed, conveyed, stored or where it comes directly into contact with surfaces. In such cases, the components used must satisfy the highest hygienic requirements. M12 plug-in connectors in hygienic design are ideally suited for this area.

Spray zone

Product parts or other deposits that cannot be utilized as food or other deposits could accumulate in this area. For example, this can be the case during filling and packaging of foods. M12 plug-in connectors in washdown design are particularly suitable for use in these areas.

Product-free zone

In all areas that do not come into contact with the product or product parts, hygienic contamination is either low or non-existent. Our standard SAC range is particularly suitable in such cases.

PT Relay Proves Itself

We just love the Push-In Relay Test by Phoenix Contact. It gives us some ideas for office Olympics…

EN2 Series Weathertight Connectors

switchcraft connectorsWe’re pleased to share info on a new product series from Switchcraft – EN2 Series Weathertight Connectors


  • Sealed to IP68 NEMA 250 (6P)
  • Available in standard or winged coupling ring
  • Copper Alloy, plated contacts
  • Patented grommet and o-ring free design
  • Solder, crimp and PC contact options


  • Any sealed data transmission
  • Military or industrial GPS location devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical data carts
  • Marine Applications
  • Transportation
  • General industrial electronic applications

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New Product from Bud Industries: PCB for Din Rail Mount Multi-Board Box

We’re excited to share info on a new product from one of our manufacturers – Bud Industries. They are introducing the  PCB for Din Rail Mount Multi-Board Box

The PCB is designed to fit circuit board location ‘A’ of the Din Rail Mount Multi-Board boxes. Its 0.1” hole spacing is designed to accommodate a variety of components for prototyping. We do have 5 sizes available.

New Product from Bud Industries: Bud Freedom Board Enclosure

We’re excited to share info on a new product from one of our manufacturers – Bud Industries. They are introducing the Bud Freedom Board Enclosure

The Freedom Board enclosure is a modified HP-series enclosure designed to work with the Freescale™ Freedom Board  Model FRDM-KL25Z.  The freedom board is a development platform designed to work with other minicomputers such as the raspberry PI and other development boards such as the Arduino Uno.

New Product from Bud Industries: Sealed Dual-Compartment Enclosure

We’re excited to share info on a new product from one of our manufacturers – Bud Industries. They are introducing the Sealed Dual-Compartment Enclosure (DCH and DCS,)…

The Sealed Dual-Compartment Enclosure has a Separate compartment for housing terminals, power supplies, batteries or other equipment not requiring frequent access. Body made of high impact ABS. Cover made of blue tinted Polycarbonate (UL 94-HB). Box available in two styles: With screw-on cover (DCS prefix) designed to meet IP66 Rating or hinged cover (DCH prefix) designed for frequent access. Both compartment sealed with durable and oil resistant Silicone sponge gasket.   Key Markets for the DCH and DCS are projected to be Heating, air conditioning & ventilation technology, Measurement & control technology, machine and industrial controllers.